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Proposals & Solutions

All projects exemplify a systematic approach to sustainable new developments, while seeking areas that need an economic revival, reconstruction, or revitalization

Greenbrier Stage

Greenbrier Area Plan

Comprehensive ideas expected to be completed by 2045 with no consideration for what needs to happen now or the lack of input from residents, and a complete disregard of assistance for local businesses.

Downtown Driver Revive

The small village in Suffolk has notable buildings, including the general store, founded by E.J. Driver in early 1900. Listed on National Register of Historic Places, Downtown Driver was a major crossing point for railroads that helped sustain and develop the East Coast. The area remembers stories through the Great Depression and memories of how locals managed struggles during World War II.

Vintage Driver
Walter Raleigh Farm

Manteo Renovation

Old Farmhouse with massive wrap around porch next to Downtown Manteo, commercially zoned and a block away from multiple restaurants and park near docks.

Moyock General Store

-Beautiful historic feature at central intersection

-Real Estate owned

Moyok General Store

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