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Born in one location and moved to another is the NORM today as it has been throughout hiSTtoRy with many using the ocean and waterways traveling to a new home. Oceans and rivers provided the transportation that connected the world allowing the shores to establish the largest and most diverse cities. While many coastal cities remain hubs for trade and commerce, people still flock to some of these locations for adventures and an escape to a beautiful environment. Many simply find themselves moving from shore to shore, completely immersed in the coastal life. Whether it is inland or an island, 'coastals' all share a love for the water.

Locally inspired designs relatable to anyone who loves water, drawing on heritage, culture, and traditions that can be shared all over the world from coast to coast. Original, limited run eco-friendly apparel and goods only available here. (Some designs may be licensable)


The Barnyard Co. is our product line to promote the idea that everyone, everywhere has a responsibility to preserve the land they inhabit for future generations. In reality, one solution may prompt the need for many more innovations making it necessary for our company, Barnyard Boards Coastal LLC to be open to all perspectives and strive to be better everyday. Continue following us to learn how to protect "Everyones' Coast" and our initiative to influence progress, The NEW Tides Foundation, a working non-profit looking to continue supporting new projects.

All original art & design for your brand


create something.

We care about the designs, we care about the art, and we care about how good it looks on the apparel.​ Our staff seeks circular products for sustainability and environmental preservation. Print On-Demand reduces overproduction and minimizes screen printing practices that can be harmful.

Created by Artist to infuse art and design into everyday aspects of life, and continuously evoke solutions to some of the biggest issues in our world.

Brilliant ideas remain unheard in a world full of free thinkers and creators. Let us help develop a worthy brand identity and personality to market unique products or promote a worthy cause. Barnyard Boards Coastal L.L.C. was established with the intent to grow and evolve while helping other individuals and companies do the same.

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not farmhouse


It's not really country

It's Barnyard Boards Coastal


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Handmade Skateboards

Barnyard Boards Coastal L.L.C.
est. 2022

"From the moment I decided to take my skills and knowledge in a different direction, I wanted to remain hands on in a very digital world. It was very important knowing the majority of work we continue to create and pursue will involve computers in a sense. Pressing, cutting, and shaping skateboards was vital to the values I wanted in our brand. Barnyard Boards Coastal represents fine crafting and design moving forward to a sustainable world. Please continue to follow us for “Limited Edition Board Releases” usually for promotion or non-profit. Contact for collaboration opportunities."

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